Judy has been my massage therapist for over ten years. She came highly recommended from hospital staff and I continue my treatments with the blessing of my rheumatologists as a part of my overall therapies.

She is not only skillful, a true professional, but also extremely sensitive to my particular health and joint limitations. 

Since adding a heat component(which is deeper and more beneficial) to the regular massage modality, I have benefited even more both physically as well as mentally. This massage therapy is an integral part in my "feeling better' and being healthier.


I can't believe it! After two months of Physical Therapy for a stiff neck, you made such a difference in my life. I felt significant improvement after my first visit, and 100% improved after just two more treatments. I only wish I had found you when the pain first started. Thank You! You are amazing!


I was very nervous when I finally made my first appointment. Due to my "plus size", I was / am a bit self conscious. You are a true professional. Once I was on your table, you helped me to relax, you taught me to breathe. I completely forgot that I am typically a self conscious person! Thank you for helping me to recognize my stressors, to breathe, and to feel better as a whole person.


Dear Judy,

Thank you for being you. As a man in the executive world, it is not always easy to stop and relax. You have a special way of making the world stop for an hour. I am officially hooked on massage therapy. It has helped not just me, but my family unit also benefits from the "better me". I just thought you should know that you do make a difference.


While I was swimming competitively my treatment modality of choice was massage therapy. I experienced benefits in and out of the pool.